Simple Methods For Making Amazing, Effective Face Masks

We need to look after our skin. Whatever our beauty routine, it is highly advisable that we apply masks to our faces. Doing this is easy because many masks can be prepared at home. One of the most beautifying masks is from yeast. Here is how to make it.

But what is so special about yeast that it is considered the best material to make beauty masks from? Yeast is rich in vitamins B, C, and D. It also contains minerals and phospholipids. These elements have beneficial effects on the skin of all types. In order to understand how our skin benefits from vitamins, minerals, and phospholipids contained in yeast, we need to know what yeast is.

Yeast is a living fungi.  It influences the protective layer of the epidermis by restoring cell metabolism and by regulating the working of sebaceous glands. Yeast is also good antioxidant. It activates the synthesis of collagen and improves skin elasticity. It cleans and narrows pores too. Finally, yeast improves blood circulation, thus giving to your skin beautiful color and healthy radiance.

Applying yeast masks will provide you all benefits mentioned above, but only if you use fresh active yeast. Pulverized yeast loses many of its beneficial qualities and will only vitiate your efforts to look good.

Mask for oily skin. This yeast mask is prepared with orange juice. To make it, you need to mix one spoon of baking yeast with orange juice, adding to the mixture a bit of boiled water. Then beat the mixture to the consistency of thick cream. Apply to your clean face for 15-20 minutes and, afterwards, wash it off with warm water.

Mask for normal skin. This mask is made with honey. Mix half of a yeast stick with one tea spoon of honey. Then add the same quantity of tomato juice and mix all ingredients together to the consistency of soft paste. Leave the paste to brew in a warm place until it grows double its original quantity. Apply to your clean skin for thirty minutes. Then wash the mask off with warm water.

Mask for dry skin. This is a toning mask. To prepare this mask, take 15-20 gram of baking yeast. Then mix it either with milk or butter until you get the density of thick cream. Apply to your clean skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water.