A Fair And Free Election? It Could Soon Be A Reality

A lot has been said in recent years about the connection between money and politics, and the fact that big money can pretty much buy its preferred candidate a seat at the table.

One City has had enough, and is taking steps to remedy the situation.

The city of Seattle, Washington may be the first city to ever hold an election that will strictly limit most spending, limit any large donations and provide residents of the city the power to actually contribute to the candidate of their choice and increase their chances of being elected.

A Bill officially titled “I-122” has been nicknamed “Honest Elections Seattle” will provide all voters with 4 vouchers, each with a value of $25, and each voucher could be used by voters to support any candidate or candidates they chose to.

While the initiative still has to be approved by city legislators, quite a few groups are heavily supporting it, and are attempting to get the public to join the cause.

Representatives of groups supporting I-122 say that there is still much work to be done as far as restoring true balance to the American democracy, and even this measure itself is not “perfect”, but the national attention this proposition has drawn does give people greater hope for the future.

A recent poll of candidates within Seattle shows that 12 out of 18 support I-122, and democratic party voters are also heavily supportive, to the tune of 60%.

It is just one city, in just one state and it hasn’t even officially passed yet, but I-122 could save the greatest democracy we’ve seen – from itself.