5 Ways To Lose Weight Fast

We have your weight loss needs covered – from how often you eat out to clearing out your pantry and eating more for less. Read some of our tips below. 

1. Take a moderate approach
You may feel like you are ready to take on the world with your new nutrition and fitness regimen, but after a few weeks the daily grind of life stressors and responsibilities begin to throw you slightly off course, even with your best intentions. Try to avoid the all or nothing approach to weight loss and aim to ease into the process by making the switch on 3-4 meals a week. Add in healthy options to your day so you don’t feel it’s a huge departure from your former ways. Over time, you can completely switch over to a healthy lifestyle and be sure that it’s something you can maintain. 

2. Limit how many times you eat out
Aim to pack your lunch to work instead of getting tempted to eat out with co-workers. You never know what may end up in a restaurant meal and you also cannot exercise portion control. Another great piece of advice is to eat a filling breakfast with a protein base such as an omelet and to keep healthy snacks by your desk, such as nuts and protein balls. 

3. Re-evaluate your pantry items
Part of step 1 is also slowly getting rid of any offenders that are lurking around in your kitchen. You want to fight the urge to snack during times of stress and fatigue, so not having unhealthy products around will help keep you on the right track.

4. Make fitness your happy hour
Try to move your body after work, either solo or with friends and family. Exercising for 30 minutes is more than enough to get your circulation running at top speed while moving your lymphatic fluids that helps to eliminate toxic buildup. 

5. Eat more for less
Leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables are loaded with fiber, which helps you stay fuller longer. What’s more, they contain far less calories than most anything else you would normally reach for. This means you can eat a lot more while still making sure that your weight will be in check.