7 Of The Best-Funded Kickstarter Campaigns

Companies either make it or break it with Kickstarter campaigns. There are countless success stories of entrepreneurs that have made their funding goals through the crowdsourcing platform, while others were not so auspicious and fizzled out shortly after launch. Read on for the best-funded campaigns to date:

1. The Veronica Mars movie project
Funds raised: $5, 702, 153 (285% of goal)

Die-hard fans of the once cult TV show joined forces to recreate the series in film format. The project’s goal was for $200,000 and it was was met in only 10 hours. The film was released in theaters on March 14, 2014.

2. Ouya
Funds raised:$8,596,474 (904% of goal)

Ouya is a videogame console that is built on the Android platform. It enables users to hook up the device to their TVs and aims to make games both accessible and cheaper.

3. Exploding Kitten
Funds raised: $8, 782, 571 (87,825% of goal)

“A card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats.” This clearly floats many people’s boats.

4. Pebble Technology
Funds raised: $10,266,845 (10,266% of goal)

Pebble Technology builds trendy, customizable and waterproof smartphone watches. They feature a full app store, and the batteries can last for a week.

5. Coolest Cooler
Funds raised: $13,285,226 (26.570% of goal)

This campaign is the highest funded Kickstarter campaign to date. The cooler comes in three colors and includes a number of features including a USB port, waterproof speakers, a bottle opener and storage for food, plates and utensils.