6 Lists To Keep If You Want To Be Successful

List-making is a highly effective method for managing our schedules and putting our goals, whether short or long-term, into perspective.  

1. List of goals
Dreams and goals are two big motivators in our life. Your goals can be material, physical, emotional or spiritual for instance. Writing out a list of goals will enable you to etch out a roadmap for how you can accomplish your vision.

2. List of tasks
Making a list of tasks helps to break down you goals into actionable steps. In the case of tasks that may necessitate days, weeks or months to complete, break them down into smaller tasks that will serve as milestones. 

3. List of contacts
Networking is crucial when you’re trying to move forward with your goals. Make sure to keep a list of key contacts that you can turn to when the time is right. 

4. List of creative ideas
It may be useful to keep a notepad with you, or alternatively, to jot down notes in your smartphone or tablet. Our most creative ideas often emerge when we are relaxed and at peace and having a medium to save all our thoughts on will keep our creative well bubbling.

5. List of future plans
This is a bucket list of sorts that gives you a general idea of what you’d like to see happen over the long term. While this can include more serious goals, it is also a platform to express all the exiting and exhilarating experiences you’d like to have in life.