6 Easy Steps To Transform Our Body Through Food From Tony Horton

Tony Horton, a celebrity trainer and creator of the famous programs P90, P90X, and P90X3, gives tips how to transform our bodies through food. He tells us what and how to eat, if we exercise and want to transform our bodies. Tony offers us six steps of right eating.    

Eat Less Than You Burn. Tony says that in order to lose weight and build muscles, we need to eat less calories than we burn. What helps do achieve this is the right choice of food. If we eat vegetables and fruits and lean meat instead of burgers, we will eat less calories than we burn, when we exercise. For vegetables are such products that are hard to overeat. How much broccoli can we indeed consume? If we eat the right food and train hard, Tony promises, we will never need to count calories.

Stick To Your Schedule. Tony further advises us to make a nutrition plan of foods that we need to eat every day. This plan also have to mark the time when we have meals. If we know, for example, that we need to eat no less than seven vegetables a day, we are advised to write down with what meal we take a certain vegetable. The main point is to stick to our nutrition schedule as religiously as we stick to our exercise plans.

Hydrate. We also need to hydrate ourselves, Tony says. We can drink water, tea, and, if we are coffee drinkers, a cup of coffee, too. What is important in drinking is not to consume extra calories through liquids, which is easy to do, if we drink soda and coffee with whipped cream.

Eat Real Whole Foods. Tony encourages us to check carefully what we have on our plates and leave there only those products that come from land and trees; chicken, salmon, other fish, vegetables, and fruits qualify. Products that come from factory such as chips and cupcakes should be avoided. Factory food Tony calls comfort food and advises to eat it only in rare case. 90% of what we eat should come to our plates from nature.

Control Your Portion. We tend to overeat, so Tony advises to measure our portions. Everything we put on our plates should be no more than a handful. If we eat in small quantities the right food full of protein and chew it slowly, we will build the body we always wanted.

Do Not Under-Eat. We often do not eat enough. As a result, we burn not only fat but also those beautiful muscles that we spent time building up. We should consume no less than 1200 calories, if we want to stay fit.