5 Ways To Burn More Calories In Your Day

We’ve all been guilty of taking the path of least resistance when we clearly knew better: taking the car when we could have walked or hopping on the lift when the stairs were nearby.

The American College of Sports Medicine advises that adults between 18-65 years get an average of 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, although statistics show that the majority of people barely come close. Below are some fun ways to get moving:

1. Texting has become the go-to for many people in place of face-to-face meetings and speaking over the phone. Instead of texting around the clock with friends, why not meet up with them for a walk. Or, if you must, at least pack in some squats or lunges while on the phone. 

2. If you rely on your car to get around town, choose the farthest parking spot from the entrance to get some extra walking time.

3. Move with your kids and if you don’t have any, take out your friends and family’s kids. Running after energy-packed toddlers is the perfect way to keep you on your toes. 

4. If the city you live in isn’t too welcoming to walking, get yourself a bicycle and pedal your way around town to stay in shape while avoiding traffic. 

5. If you have an office job that keeps you tied to your desk for most of the day, set reminders on your phone or computer to get up and walk around. Alternatively you can do stretches by your desk to loosen up your muscles and ease tension.