5 Tools That Help You Stop Wasting Money

Most people are aware of the importance of saving money and setting aside a bit of their salary each month. Notwithstanding this, many people also commonly overlook the utility of various online financial tools that can help save money and determine how funds are being spent.





Digit keeps track of all your spending habits and saves away a little bit each month. It is free of charge and takes barely any of your effort or time.


Finfo is a wonderful online resource that enables you to calculate all expenses related to moving to a new city or paying for college.


Lending Tree helps you to research the best loan options instead of getting stuck with a hefty interest rate to pay back.


Mint syncs all your financial accounts in one place and helps manage all your incoming expenses while creating a budget. Mint.com particularly comes in handy if you’re living with roommates and need to manage expenses in an organized and efficient way.

turbo tax

If you’re accustomed to completing your annual tax return with a personal tax preparer, but would like to go it alone with trusted software, then Turbo Tax is your best bet. It runs on Quicken software and starts at $14.95. 

you need a budget

You Need A Budget is a streamlined app that helps track all your expenses and spending habits in one place. It can even alert you about the best time to save your money or when to opt for an impulse buy. The app is free for the first month.