5 Reasons You’re Always Tired

Even with 8-hours worth of shut eye some of us can still feel like we need another equal round of sleep time. So what are some of the causes? 

Chronic stress
Chronic stress depletes our adrenal glands, which makes us all the more prone to fatigue. When this condition is unchecked, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) can soon take the reign. 
Give low impact exercise such as yoga or Qigong a try, meditate and speak to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Practitioner. There are many adaptogenic herbs that assist with adjusting better to stress and relaxing.

Not enough water
Not consuming enough water decreases your blood volume and causes it to become viscous. This slows down heart rate and causes less oxygen to be shunted to the body’s organs. 
When your tissues aren’t receiving enough oxygen, you feel depleted and energy-deprived. To figure how much water to consume daily, take half your body weight in pounds and drink that amount in fluid ounces. 

Too much caffeine
Caffeine is quite stimulating and coffee lovers often don’t stop at one cup. Aim to limit your daily caffeine consumption, and opt for herbal teas or even roasted dandelion coffee if you’re craving a second cup of joe. 

Technology before sleep
Access to digital products is all-pervasive, particularly 
with smartphone usage on the rise and push notifications from social media outlets. The virtual stream can seem near endless and when you’re in the habit of viewing a brightly-lit screen before bedtime it will make sleep much harder. Try switching off technology a couple of hours before bedtime and see what happens.