5 Free Social Media Tools To Drive Business Profits

The Internet is rife with ideas for promoting your business and driving sales figures and has opened up new avenues for success-building like never before. 


If you’re a time-strapped business owner, Communi.it is a wonderful way to manage all your social media activities. It is a relationship management app, particularly geared towards Twitter that enables you to find out who is in your Twitter community – those who support you and your content (by retweeting, favoriting, and mentioning) and those who influence you. Using this tool, entrepreneurs can reply to all mentions, thank those that have linked back to their website, engage with them and connect with people on their local list. 


Followerwonk is an excellent analysis tool for building your Twitter following. It breaks down your followers into demographics so you can better understand them. It also analyzes when your followers are online, helping you to know what times you should tweet to reach more people.Curalate

Curalate is especially useful on Instagram and Pinterest. It monitors conversations about brands, products and services, providing key information to businesses. Curalate identifies potential brand advocates and influential followers.buildfire

DevilFire is an incredibly quick way for businesses to build an application. If you are especially time-strapped, the BuildFire team can customize one for you to your specifications. BuildFire integrates beautifully with all major platforms and streamlines user engagement.



Bottlenose is a great way to search through trending topics from social networks and groups. The application can further display results in an algorithmic order of importance. Try searching, “startup culture,” for instance, and you’ll find a number of wonderful resources.