4 Things That Are Holding You Back From Weight Loss

Although we often begin our weight loss and fitness regimens with the best of intentions, unexpected setbacks can often derail our goals and hold us back from achieving what we set out to accomplish. 

1. Our mind can be a friend and foe
While our thought patterns can instill us with positive behaviors, they can also sabotage our best efforts. To achieve your weight loss goals, it’s crucial to get past limiting beliefs and self sabotage. Whenever we set out on a life-altering task, the idea of change usually elicits a great deal of fear and resistance. When such negative feelings begin to creep up, clip them at the bud and continue on your original trek. 

2. Create positive habits
Bad habits are usually what get us stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s particularly difficult to break free from habitual patterns because they’ve become so ingrained in our daily machinations. Nevertheless, it is possible to form new habits and it’s been proven that it take 3 weeks on average to do so.

3. Reduce your stress levels
Stress and overwork maybe the greatest saboteurs of all time, always lurking behind the scenes and ready to pounce at any second. Chronic stress depletes your adrenal glands and keeps your body on high alert and fight or flight mode. Our body responds to stress by releasing cortisol, which inhibits the production of insulin in an effort to prevent the storage of glucose. Over time, this can lead to insulin resistance, which creates a slew of metabolic disorders that can significantly affect weight loss and fuel obesity. 

4. Get your 7-8 hours of sleep daily
The time you get for shut eye is the time your body uses to self-repair and rest. It also keeps chronic fatigue at bay and keeps your energy levels balanced.