Seven Hilarious Lies Parents Tell To Their Children

When we were children, parents taught us that lying is bad. We were firmly advised to tell only the truth and nothing but the truth. Our parents, however, often told us tall tales. We just did not know then that those earnest allegations they made were plain lies. We believed their fabrications and acted upon them. Now we know that our parents lied for pedagogical purposes. Here are some of their ridiculous falsehoods that they told us to educate us.

1.What Happens If You Lie

A woman convinced her little daughter that when she lies to her parents, there is a red spot appears on her forehead. This fairy tale yielded good pedagogical results: every time when the little girl was saying untruth, she involuntarily touched her forehead, thereby betraying herself.

2.When Does TV Work?

Farmers who had a little daughter told her that TV works only when it is raining outside. In the sunny weather, it simply did not catch signals, they said. Their daughter was so impressed by what they told her that she did not try to switch on TV, when there was no rain, almost until she was in her early twenties.

3.How Many Words You Can Say A Month?

A little boy was told by his parents that every person had a word limit per month. No one could say more than 10000 words without becoming mute until the beginning of the next month. The boy's parents assured him that everyone who does not want to have periods of total silence must be moderate in talking. This warning always worked. Every time when his parents were getting tired of his blabbering, they admonished the boy: "Be careful, you have already used up 9000 words." The boy immediately stopped talking.

4.Vegetables Change Taste

A little boy's mother, when he refused to eat vegetables, told him that if he eats a lot of vegetables and for a long time, they will eventually acquire a taste of chocolate.

5.When Does Internet Stop Working

Parents told their son that every evening the Internet Fairy comes to visit their house. Unlike Flower Fairies, however, she did not bring children sweets. The responsibility of the Internet Fairy was to switch off internet precisely at 6 pm.

6.How Body Parts Are Connected?

A little girl's father told her that her navel was connected to her butt. So, if she continues fingering her navel, he said, she will screw it off and her butt will fall off on the ground.

7.What Happens When You Beg For Toys.

Parents of a little boy, who always tried to wheedle new toys out of them when they were shopping, told him that every time he touches a toy in the shop, somewhere in the world dies a little, cute kitten.

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