If You Want To Avoid The Dentist, Be Careful With These Foods

We have repeatedly been told to look after our teeth. So, we visit our dentist, we brush our teeth twice a day, and we floss them just as often. And of course, we avoid eating food that ruins our teeth. Soda, sweets, chocolate, and chips are deal-breakers that we have deleted from our menu. But if we think that the list of products that damage our teeth is that short, we are wrong. This is how it should be extended.  


Yes, you will be surprised to find this fruit on the list of products damaging our teeth. There are hundreds of reasons why apples are beneficial to our health. Eating apples helps prevent Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases and some types of cancer. Apples also decrease our risk of diabetes and reduce cholesterol. And yet, even if this fruit helps our whole body, it is harming our teeth. Apples are rich in organic acids that destroy tooth enamel. So, in order to minimize damage done to our teeth enamel, wash down apples in your mouth with water.

2.Oranges, Lemons, And Grapefruits

These fruits contain even more organic acids than apples. There are so much of it in oranges and lemons that even drinking water with a slice of lemon or orange damages our teeth. If you drink such water, drink it through a straw.

3.Dried Fruits

Dried apricots, prunes, and dates are most useful when we want to have a light snack. Yet eating dried fruits often  leads to tooth decay. The problem is that dried fruits contain a lot of sugar; when we are eating them, they also  stick to tooth enamel, which damages it and might eventually cause caries.

4.White Bread

White wheat bread is rich not only in sugar but also in sweeteners. Artificial sugar dissolve rapidly and lingers in your mouth, thereby creating an ideal environment for bacteria. Small crumbs of bread get between our teeth and stay there, if we do not immediately brush our teeth, and also breed bacteria.

5.Ready-Made Sauces

We have no idea how much sugar is contained in a bottle of ketchup or a hot chili sauce. These sauces have more sugar in them than a bar of chocolate or a piece of gateau. When we add ready made sauces to our food, we ruin our teeth. Sugar contained in them corrodes their enamel and leads to caries.

6.Bottled Water

That water in bottles can damage our teeth is beyond surprising. But distilled water becomes more acidic than tap water. Acid, as we well know, damages our teeth.


Pickles and other marinated products contain a lot of vinegar that also produces a bad effect on our teeth. Like organic acids, vinegar ruins our tooth enamel. If you eat pickles, drink plenty of water after that so that you could wash vinegar off your teeth.

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