7 Facebook Apps To Make You Money

If you’re looking to make extra income on the side, then social media may just be your best bet. Using Facebook apps is one of the best ways to generate profits and reap the benefits in the process. 

1.Zazzle Merch Store

Through Zazzle's Merch Store you can market items you create with Zazzle on their website and on your Facebook profile page.


Just like a traditional lemonade stand, this app lets you set up shop albeit virtually. You can sell anything you like including lemonade. 

3.Garage Sale

Connected with Buy.com, Garage Sale makes it possible for users to sell their old items.


This app enables you to sell everything that you have listed on your eBay page through your Facebook profile.


Another app that lets you sell all your listings on Cafepress.com through Facebook.

6.Flame Tunes

If you're a musician looking to sell your tunes through your profile, then this app is your match.


Shopit is an app that lets you sell tech products you'd like to get rid of, from old CDs and DVDs to gaming consoles and cameras.

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