What You Did Not Know About Female Breats

Female breasts are surely wonderful. They are also sexually alluring. Women flaunt their bust more than other parts of their bodies. Male gazes cannot help lingering on it. We also talk a lot about breasts, concentrating particularly on their size and shape. In some women, breasts parameters becomes an obsession that leads them under the knife. Breast plastic surgery is the most popular operation. Because we like to discuss breasts, let us talk about them yet again.

1.Breast Weight And Size

Scientists counted that on average, the weight of a woman's breasts is about 400 gram. When a woman puts on weight or slims down, the weight of her breasts also changes.  Each kilo gained by a woman's entire body adds 20 gram to her breasts. And vice versa, when a woman loses one kilo of her weight, her breasts also lose 20 gram. Before a woman gives birth to a child, her breasts gain up to 700 gram. As for a breast size, 80% of women have different boobs. One of them is slightly bigger than another.  

2.Breast Construction

Female breasts do not contain muscle tissues. They consist of 15-20 lobules of glandular tissue, which together resemble a bunch of grapes. From a physiological point of view, a woman's breasts are a modified sweat glands.

3.Breats and Bra Size

The first bra was invented in England in 1886. It was advertised as a device for improving the shape of a woman's breasts. Now statistics reveal that 58% of women wear a wrong bra size. They simply buy their bras approximately. But even though the majority of women have no clue what is the size of their breasts, 70% of them want to do a boob job. Women either find their breasts small or big or dislike their shapes.

4.Breats and Size Growth

Hippocrates, a Greek physician, advised flat-chested women to sing loudly. He thought that loud yelling increases mammary glands. In the 19th century in France, people already knew that singing is a hopeless medicine for  the enlargement of breasts. They made them bigger with the help of paraffin, wax, and animal fat. We know that this mixture is equally useless and do plastic surgery. Yet our method is not ideal either: 25% of operated women have fibrosis, the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue. Fibrosis acts to deposit connective tissue, which can obliterate the function of the underlying organ.

5.Cultural Attitudes To Breats

No breasts on a woman was considered beautiful in Japan. To hide their boobs, Japanese women wrapped them tightly with thick fabric underneath their kimono. Amazon women cut off their breasts to facilitate their arch shooing or to scare their enemies with the unpleasant sight of a mutilated breast. In Russian folklore, mermaids were said to have such huge breasts that they easily threw them over their shoulders. In the USA, in 2003, scientists claimed that the bigger breasts a woman has the smarter she is. In Africa, big breasts with large nipples are thought extremely attractive.

6.A Breast Shape And Race

The shapes of female breasts are connected to their race. In general, European women have a hemispherical breast shape. Breasts of Asian women are conical, while African women have pear-like breasts.

7.Breasts And Sport

If a woman decided to do bodybuilding, she is in danger of losing her breasts altogether. The Female breasts consist mostly of fat cells, which burn up very quickly, if a woman trains according to a bodybuilding program.

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