These 10 Skyscrapers Have To Be Seen To Be Believed!

When you were a young kid and you saw a tall building for the first time you were probably filled with a sense of wonder, and said something like “WOAH!!!!”

That feeling is probably gone.

It might be the fact that there are so many skyscrapers around us, or the fact that they all look alike.

The designers of these building attempted to break the mold with their designs, did they make it?

1.The Elephant Building - Bangkok, Thailand.

An Architectural homage to Thailand's national animal, these 3 buildings contain 32 floors of office space, shops and luxury apartments.

2.The Abaraj Al Bait Clock Tower - Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Currently, the 3rd tallest building in the world, this exact replica of London's "Big Ben" is over 600 meter tall and holds the largest clock tower in the world.

3.The Aqua Tower - Chicago, U.S.A

Chicago is considered to be the city that practically invented skyscrapers, so it's hardly surprising we find this oddity on its streets. The wavy patterns are actually balconies and it was specifically designed to look nothing like the other buildings around it.

4.Hotel Tianzi - Langfang, China

It might be only 10 floors, but it's managed to eek into the Guinness book of world records as being the tallest building with a human facade. The hotel's entrance is located at one of the feet of the characters, and the peach being held by another is actually the hotel's luxury suite.

5.Aldar Office Building - Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

Already home to the world's tallest building, Abu Dhabi can now boast having the largest hockey puck shaped building known to exist.

6.Fake Hills Building - Beihai, China

Designed by the very aptly named MAD architecture firm, this building substitutes a very plane and boring cityscape for that of (fake) hills, or a doodle created by a 2 year old baby...

7.Sutyagin House - Arkhangelsk, Russia

Who doesn't like a tree-house? Well, apparently, the authorities in Arkhangelsk don't, especially when you build a 13 floor tree-house on grounds you may have acquired illegally and do so without proper permits. While it may no longer exist, you have to admire the guts it took to build something like that without professional assistance.

8.Cell Phone Building - Kunming, China

At first (and second) glance this may seem like a bizzare design choice for an office building to have such a bold exterior, but if you take into account the fact that the building actually houses a company the deal in marketing and creating mobile phones the choice become clearer. (a little)

9.Tour Triangle - Paris, France

Technically, this building doesn't yet exist, but its design and building have both been approved and the residents of Paris will finally get to enjoy a modern (though somewhat odd) modern skyscraper for the first time in over 40 years by the time it is finished around 2020.

10.Full Moon Hotel (A.K.A - The DeathStar) - Baku, Azerbaijan

That's no hotel! that's a space station - would probably our first reaction if we ever got to stay at this fancy establishment. We just hope that no rebel alliance ever plots to destroy it.
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