The World’s 7 Most Valuable Stamps

Stamp collecting is as old as the first postage stamp. Interestingly, stamps have only been around since 1840, when the ‘Penny Black’ was issued by Britain. Here are the seven most valuable stamps:

1.Canada's 12 Pence Black - Estimated value: US$525,000

2.Olive-colored Queen Victoria's Head - Estimated value: US$885,000

3.Post Office Mauritius - Estimated value: US$1.78 million

4.Inverted Jenny - Estimated value: US$3.91 million

(Note: sold as a block of four.)

5.Penny Black - Estimated value: US$5,000,000+ (unused)

Mint condition copies can sell for thousands of dollars Note: First stamp ever issued (1840).

6.Treskilling Yellow - Unknown, But Likely Over $6,000,000

7.One-cent stamp from British Guiana - Estimated value: US$9.5 million

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