The Rich Get Richer – 7 Handouts Being Sponsored By The U.S Government

We’d like to think that we each get our share in life – work hard and you’ll get rewarded accordingly.

But the sad truth is that sometimes we will just “get by” with what we make, while the people that make in a day what we’ll make in a year continue to get rewarded.

Here are a few examples of tax handouts you’ll never get – ones that can really make you start a riot.


1.The Corporate Jet Tax Cut

There's a loophole in the tax code that lets corporations and other rich folk claim that jets, cars and chauffeurs are "security needs" for top execs, these tax breaks alone cost U.S taxpayers roughly $300 million per year.

2.Subsedies For Big Oil

As if they weren't getting rich enough of our cars and homes, big oil companies also receive anywhere from $10 to $50 billion in government subsidies every year, this despite being one of the richest companies in the world as it is.

3.The Big Pharma Break

Pharmaceutical companies have it pretty good in the U.S - they use their own profits to buy patents for life saving drugs, some of which were developed using taxpayer funded research, then proceed to jack up the prices and sell it to medicare companies at a premium. They're truly eating the pie and keeping it whole.

4.The Fake Crop Scam

It might be funny to hear, but there are some farmers out there that make 70% more than the average American household, and they do it in a despicable way - they grow crops on soil they know is not fertile, than claim government insurance subsidies, making more of a profit from tax payers than the sale of the crops they raised.

5.Wall Street Welfare

We thought we've put the 2008 crisis behind us, but it turns out we were wrong. Some banks that have been deemed "to big to fail" because they have tentacles across the U.S economy are constantly allowed to borrow funds from the government (and us by proxy) at decreased rates - there by making them even bigger and more "unable to fail".

6.The Big Get Bigger

It would be kind of funny if it weren't so sad, but the largest companies in the market have more influence over Washington, and when that happens - they get awarded government contracts - making them even bigger. Between 2007 and 2012, the largest 200 companies in the U.S spent nearly $6 billion on lobbying efforts alone! Those efforts were rewarded to the tune of federal contracts exceeding $4.4 Trillion

7.Become A CEO, It Pays Even If You Suck At It

It seems that one of the biggest winners of tax code loopholes are those that don't need it to begin with - wealthy CEO's can write off various compensation packages they get upon dismissal or retirement, and the public pays the bill to the tune of $7 billion a year. Fast Food execs not only made us fat, they also got fat themselves while costing the rest of us about $64 million per year for example.

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