The Original Grinder – 9 Ways Of Using Your Pepper Grinder

If you’re like us when you cook – you prefer fresh ingridents.

Yes, the occasional frozen item is OK when you’re starved and short on time, but we only cook fresh.

One of the most overlooked parts of cooking fresh are spices, and some freshly ground pepper is a great way of spicing up a meal.

But there are other ways you can use your pepper grinder, here are just a few!

1.Flavored Popcorn

Everybody knows that the best popcorn is the buttered kind, but if you want to add some flavor to your movie going experience, try filling your pepper grinder with doritos or other flavored snacks.

2.Cucumber Snacks

One of the most popular street snacks in India is actually a sliced cucumber with some coarse seasoning, you cam get pretty much the same effect with the above mentioned doritos pepper grinder, plus, it'll be much healthier than most dips.

3.Wasabi Peas

Wasabi paste is a real kick, and a must addition to any Sushi platter, but in their original form, the peas can be ground and added straight onto any roll you'd like - no double dipping required.

4.Replacement Croutons

Got stuck without croutons for your salad? no problem - grab your grinder, insert some crackers, grind and -presto! instant crunch and flavor!

5.French Toast To The Max

What if we told you that it's possible to make French Toast feel even more decadent? Grab your trusty grinder, put your favorite brand of cereal or cookie in there and twist... Upgraded french toast!

6.Ice-Cream Toppings

This is an endless list...practically any frozen fruit, cookies, cereal any many other sweet items can be an instant addition to your ice cream, upgrading it from a simple vanilla/chocolate mix to a regular Sunday in seconds.

7.Instant Powdered Sugar

Baking a cake only to find you don't have any powdered sugar to decorate the top? no problem, get some regular sugar, grind it up and you've got instant cake topping!

8.An Original Sweetener!

With winter fast approaching, you may need ways to change up your tea drinking routine. Grab a little sugar, even brown, add some dried ginger and dried mint, and you've got an original sweetener that tastes great!

9.That Special Cup Of Coffee!

True, there are machines that instantly grind you a cup full, and some baristas are know their job. But some cups are well worth the investment of hand grinding your very own cup O joe...
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