9 Reasons Why Big Booties Are Healthy Booties

If you got it, flaunt it! Women have long learned to be proud of their bodies unabashed to put them on display, and thereby often changing our beauty conventions. Now they asks us to reconsider our taste for a handful derriere that we see on models and sportswomen. Big buttocks are in vogue and are being boldly paraded by their owners. But prominent behinds are not only beautiful; they are healthy. Here are nine reasons why they are so.     

1.Fat Around Buttocks Are Harmless

Fat gathered around your inner organs is harmful. It provokes a number of chronic diseases. Yellow fat under your skin on your rear end, by contrast, does not cause health complications. It is totally innocuous. And it makes your butt cheeks look good in jeans.

2.Big Butt Attracts Men

Men might be swayed by fashion and advertisements of a small booty and thus swear that this is what they want their woman to have. But they say this only because of beauty standards accepted in our culture. Biologically, they are predisposed to like big ramps. Massive behind visually enhances the curve of a woman's spine. The curve is what men are programmed to find attractive in a female body. This is what an evolution ordered. On a subconscious level, men find women with big butts beautiful, because it is easier for them to give birth to children.

3.Big Derriere Makes You More Compassionate

Scientists aver that women with big behinds are more compassionate and sensitive to other people's needs and emotional problems. Although they cannot explain the connection between large butts and sensitivity for sure yet, they surmise that probably because women with big posteriors were always popular with men and, therefore, did not need to compete savagely with other women, they evolutionally developed kinder natures than slimmer women who had to fight for male attention more fiercely.

4.Woman With Big Butt Climbs Stairs Easier

Although this statements sounds counterintuitive, it is true. Women with large rear end have stronger muscles there and thus are capable of ascending stairs or running sprints easier and faster.

5.Women With Big Buns Get Hungry Less Often

Our butts contain fat that burns quickly and is easily transformed into energy when you have not eaten for long time. This is why women with large bottoms feel hungry less often than slimmer women. They also think quicker, when are nearly burned out.

6.They Do Not Have Back Pain

Women with small buttocks more often than bigger women have weak muscles on their backs and, therefore, frequently complain about back pain. Women with large derrieres are equipped with stronger muscles on their backs, thus suffering less from pain there.

7.Women With Big Rumps Are More Mobile During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is easier for owners of big behinds. Again, because their back muscles are strong, their growing belly does not feel as heavy as bellies of slimmer women. Hence, big-butted women are more mobile and energetic during their pregnancy.

8.Children Of Women With Big Posterior Are More Clever

However strange this statement might look, it seems to be true. Fat on women's buttocks contains a lot of Omega 3, which is good for brains, as we know. When a woman breast feeds, much of Omega 3 contained in her buttocks is transmitted to her baby's brain. The rich supply of Omega 3 will inevitably make him or her smarter.

9.Women With Large Bottoms Do Not Have Cholesterol And High Blood Pressure

Scholars have recently found out that owners of big buttocks almost never have a high level of cholesterol. Nor do they often have high blood pressure. The higher the ratio of waist and hips in women, the lower their risk of developing diabetes of type II.

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