The 7 Most Expensive Ice Cream Desserts In The World

Looking for desserts that will rot your teeth and your bank account? Here are the 7 most expensive ice cream desserts of all time!

1.Mauboussin Mega Sundae - Price: $1,000

2.The Victoria - Price: $1,000

3.Golden Opulence Sundae - Price: $1,000

4.Three Twins Ice Cream Sundae - Price: $3,333.33

5.Frozen Chocolate Haute - Price: $25,000

6.Absurdity Sundae - Price: $60,000

Note: Price includes a first-class ticket to Tanzania and a stay at a 5-star hotel.

7.Strawberries Arnaud - Price: $1.4 million

Note: dessert includes an exclusive 4.7-carat diamond ring
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