The 10 Oldest Buildings In The World

There are old buildings, and then there are ancient buildings. And although we generally think of a building being a house, that isn’t necessarily true. Find out just how ancient the oldest buildings in the world are here.



Built: 4850 BC

Use: Passage grave

Country: France

2.Tumulus of Bougon

Built: 4700 BC

Use: Tumulus (Grave)

Country: France

3.Tumulus Saint-Michel

Built: 4500 BC

Use: Tumulus (Grave)

Country: France

4.Monte d'Accoddi

Built: 4000–3650 BC

Use: Unknown—Possibly an open-air temple, ziggurat, or a step pyramid, mastaba.

Country: Italy

5.Knap of Howar

Built: 3700 BC

Use: House

Country: Scotland


Built: 3700 BC

Use: Temple

Country: Malta

7.West Kennet Long Barrow

Built: 3650 BC

Use: Tomb

Country: England


Built: 3550 BC

Use: Passage Tomb

Country: Ireland

9.Sechin Bajo

Built: 3500 BC

Use: Plaza

Country: Peru

10.La Hougue Bie

Built: 3500 BC

Use: Passage Grave

Country: Jersey

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