Shoes: What To Wear This Season

Summer’s weather is already in the past. Instead of sunny warmth, we get rainy, chilly, and gray days more and more often. With rainy weather come autumn blues. And as you know, the best way to feel happier is to visit a nearby mall. Shopping is particularly useful now, if you have not bought autumn or winter shoes for yourself yet. But before you buy them, read below what kind of foot wear is in fashion this season.


It is not cold yet. You still have a couple of weeks to walk in shoes. This autumn, fashionable foot wear is high-heeled and often with straps around ankles. Straps should give you extra confidence, when you march to work or to meet your date, because strapped shoes look equally well with a formal suit or evening dress. Shoes this season are of various material and of different colors. But whether you choose velvet shoes with buckles or leather footwear with metal or tassels, remember that your shoes should always be your main accessory.

2.Loafer And Slip-On

For those who prefer comfortable foot wear, there is a choice of loafers and slip-on shoes that are not only of beige color this season but also of chocolate and cherry colors. These shoes you can wear not only with formal suits but also with dresses.

3.Ankle Boots

Like shoes, ankle boots this season are on high-heels that are thick and stable, or they flaunt massive wedges. What is also peculiar to ankle shoes this time is that their colors are not very variable, a drawback which is fully compensated by their unusual forms.

4.Chelsea Boots

These boots are in fashion this season. They look particularly well with tight pants and formal, narrow skirts and coats. They are also the right purchase for those women who like the style of the 70s.


Boots this season are wide, with stable short heels. Such boots can be worn with silk dresses, woolen trousers, and leather coats. They are truly useful and all-purpose, especially because this winter, boots are of bright, various colors.


Jackboots are again fashionable, having been in vogue for many seasons already. Yet this winter they are of all varieties and colors. From this variety, you might choose leather or suede jackboots of solid colors or, if you find such foot wear boring, you can go for jackboots with embroidery, laces, or buckles. What all these jackboots share, however, it this: they are extremely high, extremely narrow, fitting you like a glove, and have high, stable, wide heels.


When choosing shoes this season, you should also pay attention to such an interesting detail as shoelaces. Many designers created shoes with leather shoelaces. Not only can you see boots with long shoelaces, for whom they are functional, of course, but also shoes and ankle boots, for whom laces are purely decorative. Shoelaces are thus a small but significant detail of style this winter.
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