See Why This Company Was The Company Of The Year For Young Travelers

Volunteer Southern Africa has developed several different adventures that are turn-key and have built their success on the pillars below.

1.Adventure Holiday

Ensuring volunteers have a once-in-a-lifetime experience by developing itinerary’s that allow them to explore the culture, wildlife and people of southern Africa.

2.Responsible Travel

Partnering with conservation projects across southern Africal; allowing volunteers make a different in the ecological preservation of the some of the most revered animals on earth.

3.Safe and Secure

Providing a safe and supervised environment for all volunteers, gap year students, interns and travelers to encounter the remarkable African continent.

4.Wide Variety of Programs

A range of opportunities, from working with wildlife to playing with orphaned children.

5.Cultural immersion

Volunteering while you travel through South Africa allows you to immerse yourself in the culture, animals and lifestyle of South Africa while exploring a new part of the world.

6.Giving back

Volunteers have the opportunity to assist with the care of rescued and injured animals including elephants, lions, tigers, cheetahs, spotted hyena, white lion and many more.

7.Social responsibility

In the Living with Orphaned Rhinos program, volunteers are responsible for hand rearing and rehabilitating baby orphaned rhinos. Volunteers will get a chance to help with rehabilitation work including feeding, treatment and care for the rhinos.

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