Here’s Why Stretching Before Your Workout Is Important

That one needs to stretch before, after, and sometimes in the middle of exercising in order to avoid hurting oneself is what everyone who works out knows. When you decide to start exercising, you will be told, first of all, about the indispensability of stretching. No DVD fitness program is shot without a warming-up section. No trainer would let you lift weights, if you did not stretch first. Below is more detailed information about the benefits of stretching out.

1.Static Stretching Before Strength Training Worsens Results

While observing many athletes and weight lifters, scientists came to the conclusion that static stretching before strength training lowers the working weight of sportsmen by 8,36%; static stretching also worsens the stability of the lower part of their bodies by almost 23%. Having studied more than 100 weight lifters, scientists concluded that static stretching decreases muscle strength by 5.5%.

2.Do Dynamic Stretching Before Work-Outs

Lets you worsen your results, do dynamic stretching before exercising. Dynamic stretching will increase your flexibility and improve your performance. When you do dynamic stretch, you do not stay in the same position for long time. Lounges, squats, push-ups, burpees, power and diamond jumps will make a good start for your work-out.

3.Stretching Will Not Prevent Your Muscles From Hurting

As you know, you need to do stretching before the exercise and after it. Some fitness programs contain a bit of stretching in the middle, too. Stretching significantly improves your muscles' flexibility. Yet it does not save them from paining. If your muscles hurt unbearably, apply ice to the painful place and take pain-killers.

4.Stretching Improves Your Muscles' Flexibility And Prevents Injury

This is undeniable that stretching improves the flexibility of your muscles. By stretching, you will become more pliant and agile. Because stretching increases your flexibility, it also minimizes the risk of being injured during your work-outs.

5.Stretching Increases The Blood Flow To Muscles

Stretching accelerates the speed of your blood flow and enhances its flow to your muscles. This means that your muscles become better infused with oxygen and nutrition. Because your muscles are instilled with oxygen, your work-out as a whole will be safer and easier.

6.Do Not Make Sudden Movements During Stretching

The most traumatic stretching is ballistic. This is when you are making springy movements with large amplitude; that is, when you are kicking or bending your body. Only experienced athletes use ballistic stretching and only when their particular sport includes this type of movements. They also carefully prepare beforehand their bodies for ballistic stretching.

7.Keep Your Stretching Ballanced

When you stretch, make sure your stretch both parts of your body equally. Try to stretch more those muscles which are going to be activated during your work-out. For instance, if you are going to play basketball, it is important that before it you jump, do squats, push-ups, and burpees. These exercises will warm up your legs, arms, and shoulders employed in the game. If you are going to sprint, do squats, lunges, and push-ups. The main point is to be careful and to derive pleasure from your stretching and work-outs.

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