8 Things To Remember Before Sending A Nude Picture

We’re not prudes, we get it – technology makes everything move at a faster pace – including erotica.

So the nude pic has replaced phone sex, which replaced the erotic letter which replaced, we guess, a nude portrait in stone?

But if you’re thinking of sending one of those pictures (which we won’t judge you for), here are a few things you may want to consider

1.It's Not All About Your Body!

You may have the most impressive 6 pack or breasts the world has ever seen, but if the background is a mess, or there's something really embarrassing in the frame you'll still turn yourself into a joke.

2.Groom Yourself And Pick Your Angle

If you're going to do this, you may as well do it right...nobody likes to see 4 days of stubble, or mustard stains from last weekend. Plus, if you have any features you want to hide, pick the right angle for the shot, remember - once you take the shot, they are no longer your scars or dimples...

3.Sending To Multiple People Is A Serious No No

Sure, you may trust that one guy/girl, but how well do you know the other guys/girls in their circle? would you trust them not to turn you into an internet joke? we didn't think so.

4.Don't, Show, Your, Face - EVER

Why take such a stupid chance? if you trust someone enough to send them a nude pic, they should trust you enough to know your body without having to see your face, this will also eliminate any possible future mockery if they pass the image on.

5.Assume The Picture Will Be Leaked

We don't need to tell you horror stories about how teenagers and congressmen have been taken down by leaked pics. Taking them for someone you trust now does not mean that if things go south your image won't appear across the internet...

6.Do Not Send Images Unless Asked To Or 100% Sure The Other Party Wants Them

Just how many different kinds of trouble do you want to be in? It's not enough for your picture to leak, do you really want to be investigated by police for harassment?

7.Regardless Of How You Send The Image - It's Now Out There

Sure there's snapchat, and multiple other such apps, designed with your horny soul in mind, but there are ways around every single limitation, and once your picture is out there - it's not coming back, and there's not much you can do about it.

8.Are You Really Sure About This?

Think about the message such a picture sends to whomever is receiving it. Nobody send a nude pic because they want to be better friends or go out for beer. It's all about SEX, so think if that's the message you want to send to this particular person.

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