North Korea? Basket Case. South Korea? Well, Not Exactly Normal

Suppose you are travelling to South Korea. In order to arrive there prepared, you start browsing websites in search of information about it. Most of the sites will tell you that South Korea makes up the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, that it is surrounded by the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea, and so on. But there are facts about this country that you will not be told.  They are pretty peculiar. Here are some of them.

1.Exhibition Of Friendship

South Korea is a country strict in moral matters. It still retains now obsolete taboo on the demonstration of affection in public. If you walk together as a couple, you will be frowned upon, when you show love for each other by kissing or hugging. Yet any display of feelings is encouraged in public, if friends make it. Friends can freely walk locked in embrace; public kissing between friends is also widely accepted in South Korea.

2.Plastic Surgery

As in any other country, plastic surgery in South Korea is highly popular. Most often people go under the knife there to change the shape of their eyes and their eyelids. A European eye shape is valued in South Korea more than Asian; therefore, many people risk their health to approach the Western standards of beauty.


Although you would never associate Korean people with drinking, drunken people are not an uncommon phenomenon on the streets of South Korean cities. According to work etiquette, it is considered rude to turn down a boss's invitation for a drink after the work. Nor is it thought polite to refuse to be treated by him to a shot. As a corollary of politeness, you can see on the streets plenty of tipsy people coming back home from work.

4.Fashion Sense

In South Korea, it is not considered a disaster to show up at the party dressed in the same outfit as one of your friends. Unlike people in other countries who dread such unpleasant coincidences, Korean young people try to dress alike, because sharing the same outfit with other person signifies for them their closeness as friends or lovers.

5.Old Age

Elderly people, especially women, are highly respected in South Korea. Together with respect, they are given the right to make comments about and voice their criticism of other people's behavior. Elderly women in South Korea expect others to pay attention to their reprimands and change their behavior accordingly; if people still do not do this, they may even sometimes spit at wrongdoers.

6.Sexual Life

Because of the Korean people's general intolerance to the display of feelings in public, young people have to hide from public eyes to express their affection to each other. They can find seclusion and privacy in one of numerous mini motels opened specifically for purposes of facilitating the people's meeting with each other.


People in South Korea find jokes about defecation highly amusing. The subject of toilet and everything what happens in it is so poplar in this country that people gladly buy figurines and pictures depicting the process and products of defecation usually sold in park and at the market. There are also so-called Toilet Theme Parks dedicated to defecation in several cities in South Korea.

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