Mating Season – 8 Of The Weirdest Sexual Practices Seen In The Wild

We talk a lot about sex; we discuss our desires with our partners; we gossip about our and others’ sexual preferences with our friends; we watch movies and we read books about sex; in short, we seem to know everything about it. But how much do we know about sexuality in the animal world? Read facts below and see that you had no idea how animals really do it.  You will be grateful that you were born human, really.

1.Ribbon Snakes

After ribbon snakes have finished mating, the male partner seals the vagina of the female snake with a secretion from his kidneys. This is the snakes' version of the chastity belt. It prevents the female snake from mating with other snakes and guarantees that she is impregnated by her first partner alone. Sealing his woman's vaginal opening also spares the male snake money, after their offspring is born, since there is no need for him to do a DNA paternity testing.


A male seahorse is probably the only men on the planet who gets impregnated and gives birth. During the breeding season, the female seahorse swims up to the male seahorse and with the help of a nipple-like devise places her eggs in a kind of a bag on his abdomen. The male sea-horse fertilizes her eggs and then nurses their off-springs in his stomach for some time.


3.Mozambique Catfish

A fertilization process among Mozambique catfish is weird. It takes place in the female fish's mouth. Having laid eggs, the female turns around to swallow them. The male approaches her, flaunting spots on his fins, which look exactly like her eggs. Seeing the spots on his fins, the female catfish gets terribly bewildered, because she cannot understand how on earth her eggs got stuck on his body. Her confusion is so great that she opens her mouth in surprise. The male uses her open mouth as an opportunity to fertilize the eggs and unloads his sperm right into it.



Nature thoughtlessly deprived the female bedbug of a vagina. This defect turned pleasure into arduous toil for the male bedbug. In order to mate, the male bedbug needs to drill a hole in the female by himself using his sharp and curved penis. Having made an opening in her body, the male sprays his sperm into it. Yet sometimes the female bedbug, in total disregard for the trouble he went through to fertilize her, selfishly shatters his hopes of fatherhood. When the female bedbug experiences a shortage of blood, she simply lives on his sperm.

5.Praying Mantises

During mating, the female praying mantis eats her partner. While they are thereby engaged in the pleasurable activity, the female, who is significantly larger than her partner, holds him firmly in her arms and begins to chew his head off. The male's sexual desire is so great that he continues making love to her even as he is losing his head quite literally. Some scientists believe that the threat of imminent death only increases the male praying mantis's sexual desire.


6.Akarimorfnogo Tick

The male akarimorfnogo tick is born fully formed. Having gotten out of his mother's womb, he immediately starts acting as her midwife. He begins to help her to give birth to his sisters, whom he pulls out of her vagina with the help of his hind feet. When his sisters get out, he makes love to them, without wandering far from his mother, however. He takes care to stay nearby in case his mother gives birth to more sisters.


The male tick is not endowed by nature with any sexual organ. To compensate for its absence, he is forced to use his nose in order to impregnate the female tick. A mating process becomes for him, therefore, a terribly busy affair, because he constantly needs to change positions. He sticks his nose inside the female's vagina, taking care to open it widely. Then, he turns to her with his back and unloads his sperm from his anus. Then he again turns his face to the female and, using his nose, he pushes the sperm deeper inside her.

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