Adopt These Habits For A Better Life

We have bad habits. If we want to improve ourselves, we try to get rid of them. We quit smoking, we drink less, we stop cursing, we avoid eating sandwiches in bed, and we try not leave our clothes on the floor in the bedroom. Yet however commendable our efforts to cast off our bad habits, acquiring good ones is equally conducive to the betterment of our lives. People spend their energy on forming new habits. You should, too.   

1.Use Your Extended Brain

Our extended brain is information that we transfer to various electronic or non-electronic devices. Using a notepad to write down what we need to do is an example of how we relocate the job our brain is supposed to do onto an external tool. This tactic makes our brain work less and burn less energy. So, make a habit to use lists whenever possible. Freed from the necessity to memorize the information you can write down, you will have more time and energy to think about more important problems.

2.Write Down Your Expenses In Excel Program

Excel program is highly convenient to trace your expenses and manage your budget. When you put what you spent into a table, you will clearly see where your money goes. This simple program will help you plan your payments and avoid spending money on unnecessary items.

3.Read Books

Make it a habit to read books at least ten minutes a day. Reading masterpieces of literature will broaden your horizons and sharpen your mind. You will also learn to understand people better, if you read, because any story, even about robots or animals, is ultimately anthropomorphic.


Meditating is helpful. When you meditate, you relieve yourself from anxiety and stress; you also decrease blood pressure and hypertension; you lower cholesterol levels; you increase the production of anti-aging hormone; and it also gives you good-night sleep. Acquiring a habit of meditating will thus improve your live on many levels.

5.Organize Your Mornings

If you organize your morning routine and plan what you do, when you wake up, in advance, you will get less stressed before work and will not be late for it. If you follow your morning routine, you will also start waking up without an alarm clock.

6.Make A Back-Up Of All Your Documents

This seems such a reasonable and obvious action to perform, but we constantly forget to do backing up. If we make it a habit to back up all our work on our computers, we will save ourselves much agony and stress. Everyone must have had a horrible accident when our files disappeared. The very memory of such disaster must make us always back up what we do on our PCs.

7.Spend One Day A Week Without Technological Gadgets

Get into a habit of switching off all your electronic devises once a week. Spend a whole day without your phone, computer, and internet. Away from electronic devices, you can devote your time to your loved ones, your friends, and yourself. Your family will only be grateful to receive your attention, while concentrating on yourself, you might accidentally come across solutions to problems that your electronic gadgets so far prevented you from discovering.

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