7 Surprising Facts About Vladimir Putin’s Russia

Because of the latest political developments, Russia was a lot in the spotlight. We read about Russia’s strikes on Syria, Putin’s talks with Assad, and his support of the Ukrainian separatists. We also heard lately a lot about economic sanctions against Russia, its response to them by its countersanctions, Russia’s purchase of gold, and its friendship with China.  But Russia is interesting beyond its stand on the world politics. Read below what you did not know about this country.      

1.The Seas Of Russia

Russia is the only country in the world, whose territory is washed by thirteenth seas, twelfth of which belong to three oceans. The White sea, the Barents sea, the Kara sea, the Laptev sea, the East Siberian Sea, and Chukotsk sea are the parts of the Arctic ocean; the Bering sea, the Okhotsk sea, and the sea of Japan belong to the Pacific ocean; the Baltic sea, the Black sea, and the sea of Azov belong to the Atlantic ocean. The thirteenth sea - the Caspian one - is a separate, landlocked body of water.

2.The Ural Mountains

The Ural Mountains are the oldest mountains on the planet. One of their peaks, called The Pencil Mountain (Karandash), is said to be 4 billion years old. The height of the Urals is only 600 meters now.  

3.Russia's size

Russia occupies 1/7 of the total area of the whole planet. Siberia has an area of 9.734 million square kilometers. So that you could understand how huge Siberia is, suffice it to say that it occupies 9% of the total land area of Earth.

4.The Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin is the world's largest medieval fortress among that survived till our times. The name Kremlin means "fortress inside a city." The real length of the walls of the Kremlin is 2235 meters.

5.Russia's Serfdom

Russia never had slavery. The most severe form of people's feudal dependence was serfdom. But even this form of relations between peasants and nobility was not ubiquitous. Serfdom only existed in central and southern areas of the Russian Empire. It was never established in the North, in the Urals, and in Siberia. The period of the Russian serfdom was shorter than in England and other European countries. It was abolished in 1861, while the United States abolished slavery in 1865. The forms of serfdom were also milder in Russia than in other countries. 


6.Russia's Secret Cities

There are more than fifteen secret cities in Russia. They are not marked on maps; there are no road signs leading to them; no foreigners are ever admitted to them.

7.Ivan The Terrible

Despite his name, Ivan The Terrible was not as evil and cruel as people commonly think. Considering that Europe and Russia occupied then relatively equal territories, there were considerably less Russians killed than Europeans. Ivan the Terrible killed only 3000 - 4000 people during his reign (from 1533 to 1584), in contrast to 300,000 and 400,000 people killed in Europe in that period of time.

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