7 Facts About Love That May Surprise You

Scientists have recently studied people in love and came to a conclusion that, from the biochemical point, a state of enamoredness is similar to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Levels of serotonin depletes in both case, which causes enamored people to experience feelings and symptoms similar to those with OCD. Love, in short, is linked by scientists to certain brain activities. For those who still think that love is life’s great mystery, here are seven touching facts about our most overwhelming emotion.

1.A Wedding Ring

A tradition to wear a wedding ring on the ring finger originated in Ancient Egypt. Plutarch wrote that the Egyptians, performing autopsy on bodies, discovered on the ring finger a tiny nerve leading directly tho the heart.

2.Love Post Office

In the nineteenth century, in Germany, oak trees served for lovers as a post office. Lovers put love messages into oak trees' hollows. These hollows even had their numbers, as do branches of our modern post officers. We are told that, thanks to these hollow oak trees, more than one hundred marriages were consummated.

3.Angler Fish

When a male angler fish finds his giant beloved, he sinks his teeth deeply into her skin and stays attached to her until enzymes begin to dissolve her skin and his jaws and until their blood vessels intermingle. Within short time, the male angler fish stops having an independent existence altogether.

4.French Kissing

Anthropologists are divided on the origin of deep kissing. Some say that it is intuitive and instinctual. Others think that it evolved from so-called kiss feeding, that is, a process used by mothers to pass chewed food into their babies' mouths. Although the evolutionary origin of the act of French kissing is difficult to trace, the etymology of these cluster of words is straightforward. We have called deep kissing French kissing since the 20th century, because then the French had a reputation for more adventurous sex practices. In the 14th century, however, such kissing was called Tatar kissing.

5.Swans And Doves

Although we commonly believe that swans are monogamous, never change their partners, and stay single, if their beloveds die, this is just a myth. Swans do not always stay loyal to their spouses. Those birds who do keep loyalty to their loved ones are white doves. White doves' faithfulness to their partners is the reason why, in some traditions, newly wedded couples use white release doves for ceremonial release at their weddings. White doves serve at weddings as a symbol of the couple's loyalty to each other. 

6.Love Grows In Absence

Scientist have recently proved the correctness of the proverb "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." They discovered that when men occupy themselves with competitive activities, such as hunting, team playing sports, or even participating in conferences, a level of testosterone in them goes significantly up.  The higher their testosterone level was during the day, the more oxytocin, "hormone of love", their bodies developed, when they arrived home. Scientists also found that oxytocin increased more in men who stayed away from home longer.

7.Love Declarations

There is an island in Antarctica on which scientists have recently found a strange patch of grass in the shape of the letter "M". Later they learned that this letter was paved with penguin excrement by one Polish scientist. This was his eccentric way to commemorate his beloved woman, Magda.

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