Little Culinary Tips That Even Experienced Cooks Do Not Know

It does not matter if you cook well or badly. Even if you have experience in cooking, you might not know some secrets of culinary art. Did you know that when you bake pastries, instead of yeast, you may add a bit of brandy to dough? Your pastries will smell and taste deliciously. This little advice might look insignificant, but it enhances the quality of your cooking substantially. Here are more tips that will make you a better chef.

1.Frying On The Pen

Bubbling hot oil is annoying, isn't it? And it is not only annoying, it might scorch you and even leave scars on your skin. So, in order to stop its bubbling and hissing, before you pour it on your frying pan, sprinkle its bottom with salt.

2.Baking Bread

If you decide to bake your own bread and bread rolls, add to your dough diluted potato starch. Even after a couple of days, your bread and rolls will be fresh and fluffy thanks to this trick.

3.Whipping Eggs

Suppose you need to whip egg yoke and egg whites separately. This might be not difficult, but there is a trick how to whip both of them into a fluffier substance. Egg whites will be whipped better, if you cool them in a fridge beforehand and if you add a few drops of lemon juice to them. With egg yokes, you need to use a different tactics altogether. You will whip egg yokes well, if you first warm them and then add a pinch of sugar to them.

4.Frying Meat

If you want to fry or bake your meat so it gets the golden-brown crust over it, sprinkle it with honey before you place it in the oven or your frying pan. If you are frying liver, do not forget to sprinkle it with sugar before you put it in oil. Sugar will make your liver tender.

5.Withered Herbs

Withered dill and parsley will become fresh again, if you keep them for a quarter of an hour in the water mixed with vinegar.

6.Frying Fish

To avoid burning your fish while you are frying it, do not pour oil in your frying pan. Your fish will have less chances to get burned if it itself get sprinkled with oil, and not your frying pan.

7.Warming Honey

If you need to warm your honey, there is only one way to do this. You need to fill a deep bowl with hot water and place a bottle of honey in it to warm.

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