It is Raining Frogs, Blood and Apples – 7 Unbelievable Downpours That Actually Happened

Wikipedia defines rain as “liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from water vapor and then became heavy enough to fall under gravity.” Well, this definition of rain is narrow. There are cases in history, when other items rather than water rained down from the sky: when Lord sent plagues on Egypt, it rained with lice and locusts. In our times, too, unexpected subjects fall down from above. Be prepared to modify your definition of rain.   

1.Rain Of Coins

One day in 1940, Russian villagers looked up at the sky and were astonished to see that gold rain was falling down on them. Their gold rain was different from the mythological gold rain into which the god Zeus, ever resourceful,  metamorphosed himself in order to impregnate Danae. What the Russians saw was the rain of gold coins. Only tornado could lift up these heavy coins and rain them on the people, apart from the fact that there are never tornados in that geographical region of Russia. Earlier that year coins also rained in Hanham, near Bristol.

2.Rain Of Frogs

This rain almost came from the pages of the Bible and indeed reminded of one of the plagues sent on Egypt. In our times, in 2005, it rained frogs in a village in Serbia. Thousands of these tailless amphibians fell down on people, making them wonder whether Lord is going to send on them also locust and deaths of the first born.

3.Rain Of Fruits And Vegetables

In 2011, it rained with fruits and vegetables on the British people in Coventry. People barely had time to hide away from apples falling down from the sky. They were judicious to seek shelter from the rain, because falling apples developed such high speed that they damaged cars parked on the ground. Equally heavy were carrots and cabbages which, together with apples, rained from above and which people collected after the rain had stopped.

4.Rain Of Blood

The most horrific sight witnessed citizens of India in 2001. For two months, it rained blood on them, filling them with fear that they were being punished for their sins. They almost prepared for Apocalypse, expecting the end of the world, but suddenly the rain of blood stopped as unexpectedly as it had started.

5.Rain Of Thrushs

In 2011, citizens of Arkansas had rain of thrushes falling on them on the New Year's Eve. They were really surprised, because the time to eat birds had passed a week before that occasion. Their stomachs were still filled with stuffed turkey, so they could not eat anymore birds and had to leave fallen thrushes on the ground.

6.Rain Of Fish

This is a regular atmospheric event for people living in Honduras. Every year, from May to June, fish rains on them from the sky. Each year the rain of fish comes on them the same way: around 5 o'clock in the afternoon, the sky gets darker, then thunder sounds, and fish start raining all over the ground and on the heads of the people awaiting the event.

7.Rain Of Jelly Fish

Like the rain of fish in Honduras, raining jelly fish is a common phenomenon in many cities. Citizens of Tokyo, Beijing, Irkutsk, and of the state of Texas are grateful to have the rain of jelly wish coming down on them, because they live far away from any sea or ocean. The sea smell that the rain of jelly fish brings in its wake reminds them of resorts on the beach and fills them with pleasant thoughts of holidays away from crowded cities.

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