7 Of The World’s Most Stunning Benches

We bet benches around your house or in a park nearby are nothing to look at. You probably never look at them at all, save only when you are looking for a place to sit. And even then you do not stare at these benches, except only with the aim of establishing if they are empty. But some people are luckier: they have such benches in their towns that make you gasp in admiration. Here are their photos below.

1.Book-Bench in Istanbul, Turkey.

2.Ribbon-Bench InTokio, Japan

3.Bus-Bench In Baltimore, the USA

4.Spaghetti-Bench In Paris, France

5.Playing Cards Bench In Mexico, The United Mexican States

6.BAmboo Bench In Amsterdam, Netherlands

7.Modern Style Bench in Paris, France

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