7 Foods That Are Surprisingly High In Sugar

Those of us who try to slim down know well what food is high in fat and calories.  We have long excluded from our menu fast food, smoothies, pizzas, cakes, and even Reese Puffs cereal. We seem to have gotten our nutrition and weight gain under control. Yet little do we know about dangers hidden in seemingly non-fattening food. There is a list of seven products that cheat us into a false sense of contentment with what we eat.


Cereal might be hyped as healthy nutrition, low in fat and high in fiber. Cereal breakfast is advertised as the best choice of the first meal of the day. Yet a half of a glass of cereal, which is the smallest portion you eat in the morning, contains 37 grams of sugar. This is more than your daily sugar intake should be.

2.Yogurts and Dairy Desserts

Do you know that a small bottle of Activia, the dairy product recommended by dietitians as the healthiest choice for your stomach, contains as many as six spoons of sugar? Any other 130 gram bottle of fruit yogurt has almost four spoons of sugar inside of it, too. Yogurts are indeed not that healthy and harmless as they made to appear by various advertisement companies.

3.Soda Drinks

These are brimful with sugar. When you drink any soda beverage, you pour into your body distilled sugar, which it does not transform into energy as it transforms other fats. Sugar flown into us with soda drinks goes directly to form layers of fat around our stomachs and buttocks.

4.Packets Of Instant Coffee With Sugar

We often do not have time to make a cup of properly brewed black coffee. Instead, we grab a packet of coffee that contains the addition of milk and sugar so that we could get our coffee without much hassle and waste of time. Yet a  little packet of coffee that weights 100 gram contains as much as 30 grams of sugar in it. It is a much bigger amount of glucose than we need to receive at the beginning of the day.

5.Ketchup, Sauce, and Dressings

You will be surprised to know that ketchups and various sauces that do not even taste sweet contain sugar. Like a packet of instant coffee, a bottle of ketchup or any other dressing that weights 100 gram contains 30 gram of sugar. So, any time, when we are preparing salad and thinking that we are eating healthily, we actually shoot ourselves in a foot by adding dressing into it. Our healthy salad immediately turns into a bowl full of sugar.


Juices in packages have nothing in common with their freshly made counterparts, because of added sugar in them. The amount of sugar in them is not trivial either: a middle glass of fruit juice from a carton box contains from 37 to 58 grams of sugar, depending on a fruit from which this juice is squeezed.


Alcohol makes you lose control and forget your diet plans. While drinking and chatting with others, you can easily put into your mouth chips and crackers at which you would never look in other circumstances. To make matters worse, alcohol contains sugar in itself, even without the help of crackers and potato chips. A goblet of white wine, for instance, contains 6 gram of sugar; 100ml of tequila has almost two spoons of it. A glass of cocktail equals in a sugar amount a nice portion of chocolate dessert.

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