I’ll Catch The Next One! 7 Weird Reasons People Have Missed Their Flights

For most of us, catching a flight is simple – get to the airport, make it past security, get to gate, that’s it.

But some people seem to have a problem with the concept, and that has cost them dearly, here are a few crazy reasons for people missing their flights.

1.Facial Surgery

It seems that when you have "work" done on your face but neglect to get a new passport photo, airline reps and security personal may have trouble recognizing you, leaving them with no choice but to not let you board.

2.There Is A Dress Code

It's not sexism if it's true! One flight attendant told a story about a passenger being denied access to a flight because her attire left absolutely NO ROOM for the imagination, and the flight crew was concerned about the response of other passengers.


We're going to let you in on a secret - if you're on a plane, and it takes off, you're going to have to do something really crazy to be taken off it before it arrives at its destination. Some people have been known to forget this, and proceed to arrive at the airport already wasted, making the choice for personal quite easy - no flight for you!

4.Take A Shower

A few flight attendants have said that they've had to remove passengers from flights due to an odor that caused other passengers to become sick.

5.The 3rd Kind Of Pitstop

Not to go into too much detail, but it seems that airport food provokes a reaction in most people that causes extended stays in restrooms, so much so that it causes people to miss out on their scheduled flight.

6.Chronical Lateness/Selective Hearing

At least one airline representative told a story about a woman that was due to board a 05:45am flight but missed it by moments, the airline was kind enough to put her on the next flight, which was scheduled for 06:15am only to have her arrive just as the gate closed. Turns out the lady misheard the gate number, twice.

7.Damn You Daylight Savings Time!!!

This one could really happen to all of us - a flight attendant told a story about a nice elderly lady that missed her flight because she forgot that the clocked had moved forward an hour that very day. This one has a very easy fix though for the rest of us - don't book flights on days of clocks going in either direction...
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