If It Is Any Consolation, Nobody Knows Answers To These Riddles Too

People have been searching for answers about our world probably from the appearance of the homo sapiens on earth. Cosmos, nature, animals, our own bodies and minds contain mysteries the humanity is trying to unravel until now. Many riddles have successfully been solved. Read below about still unanswered ones.

1.Cells Paradox

Every cell in our body when it divides has a chance to go crazy, so to speak. This happens pretty often: a mistake in DNA occurs that leads to so-called wrong cells and, eventually, to their self-annihilation. If self-annihilation does not happen, a wrong cell starts dividing on and on until cancer rears its ugly head. And nobody has found yet how this process exactly happens.

2.Reproduction of Whales

Have you ever seen a photo of two huge whales making love? Of course, you have not, because nobody ever managed to photography the process. So, nobody knows how babies of whales are conceived.


Homing is the process that allows birds or some animals to come back to their own nests and holes after they have been absent from home for long time. Scientists still do not know what it is in these birds' and animals' brains that allows them to remember their homes and to find them so unerringly.


Morphine, cocaine, caffeine, nicotine are alkaloids, a nitrogen-containing organic compound of natural origin. Alkaloids are produced by plants, mushrooms, bacteria, and animals. While we use and even abuse these alkaloids substantially, it is unclear why they were created by nature in the first place.

5.Fairy Circles

It is still violently debated what is the nature of these mysterious rings of fungi marking the periphery of the perennial underground growth of the mycelium. Answer is not forthcoming.

6.Gender Evolution.

Nobody also knows why during our evolution the gender reproduction became dominant on the planet. There is no answer to what triggered its appearance at all.

7.Virus Ebola

Even though scientist managed to cure an ape from Ebola, the origin of this virus is unknown. It is also unclear where this virus hides itself between outbreaks.
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