How To Look Classy In The Sexiest And The Most Risque Footwear Of All Times

Thighboots have always had patchy acceptance by people. Not many women wear them due to unflattering stereotypes surrounding them. Though worn exclusively by men in the 16th-18th centuries as a leg protection during riding, thighboots are considered provocative when seen on women because of their associations with sex industry and fetishism. What sealed the association of thighboots with sex most firmly is, of course, Vivien’s image in Pretty Woman. The information below will undo the damage done to thighboots.

1.Thighboots Style

Thighboots are not in themselves vulgar. Even though they will inevitably look sexy on a woman's legs, this does not mean that it is impossible to be stylish in them. The key to wearing thighboots is their right combination with the rest of a woman's outfit. A woman should also know which items in her ensemble to stress and which to play down, when she is in thighboots. Yet in fact, there are no clear-cut taboos forbidding her to wear thighboots with this or that clothe item. This footwear proves to be surprisingly flexible and goes with everything.

2.Thighboots Variety

Even though thighboots are not whole-heartedly accepted by the mainstream, designers use their rich imagination in creating them. There is a rich variety of models of this footwear. You can purchase tight, legs-hugging thighboots, loose thighboots with folds and creases around thighs and ankles, or thighboots with laces along their whole length. There are also thighboots on stiletto heels, on thick middle height heels, or without heels whatsoever. These boots are made of leather and suede. They can also be worn in summer, autumn, or winter.

3.Who Looks Good In Thighboots?

Are thighboots only for women with Julia Robert's body? Should a woman necessarily be tall and have long legs in order to wear them? Obviously, a good body, slim legs, and narrow thighs will make thighboots look terrific. Yet shorter women with big thighs can wear such boots too. They just need to choose boots with very high heels. Their boots should also reach at least the middle of their thighs so that their legs look visually slimmer and longer.

4.Thighboots Tights

This is the tightest variety of thighboots. They fit a woman's leg like a glove along its whole length. Thighboots tights are usually made from soft leather, suede, or stretch fabric. They also look beautiful with a mini dress and mini skirt, especially if their colors match. But remember, if you want to buy a pair of thighboots tights, that, when you stand still, your dress or skirt should be longer than your boots at least by a couple of sm.

5.Classic Thighboots

Classic thighboots with a widened upper part were originally designed for soldiers in cavalry. They had long tops, flat heels, and sockets, that is, a kind of valves covering knees. The female model of classic thighboots worn nowadays  is more dainty and more variable. Yet all these different thighboots look good with mini skirts and dresses in the style of the 80s. What is also important is to have a 15-20 cm gap between your dress and your thighboots.

6.Thighboots With Spike Heels

Thighboots with stilettos drive men mad with desire for those who wear them. But lest you look like Vivien in Pretty Woman, you should chose your outfit wisely, when you wear high heeled thighboots. Rule number one is not to expose your neck and décolletage, when you are in a mini skirt and thighboots. Opt for a turtleneck dress or polo neck top. You are allowed to leave uncovered only your arms and hands. If your neck and breasts remain covered, you will look elegant and stylish rather than vulgar.

7.With What To Wear Thighboots

All types of thighboots look good with mini dresses, mini skirts, and thick shorts. When your thighboots are without heels, they look particularly good with sundresses, provided you wear them with dark stockings underneath. Shorter versions of thighboots look well with leggings, tight pants, and tight jeans. Leggings or tights should be either of the same color as your thighboots or of any contrasting color. But remember that your tights cannot be nude. Nude tights will make you look vulgarly naked. In winter, thighboots should be worn either with cropped jackets or short coats.
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