Here Are 8 Reasons To Follow Sarah McDaniel On Instagram

Sarah McDaniel Is A Model.

She also has a condition called Heterochromia, which has caused each of her eyes to have a different color, yet somehow, both are still stunning.

Sarah is quickly building up a devout Instagram following, and here are 8 images that will help you understand why…

1.Because Sunlight Flatters Her, Even When It's Partial

2.And So Do Bathing Suits

3.Because She Can Pull Off A Seamless Farmer's Daughter Look

4.Just As Easily As She Can Pull Off The Bond Temptress Look

5.Because If You Put A Ring On Her Finger, This Is How She May Look At The Wedding

6.But If You Just Wanna Go To The Beach, It's Fine Too

7.Or You Could Just Hang Out At Home

8.And When It's Time To go to Bed, Well...

You see for yourself where we're going with this, don't you?

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