Hungover? Learn How Different Nationalities Recovery From A Big Night Out

Whether you drink or not, you know that hangover is not a pleasant experience. It is characterized by a terrible headache, dryness in the mouth, and thirst. Drinking also causes the amnesia of events that accompanied it. Remember the movie Hangover? Although the guys there ate some questionable drug, the consequences of alcoholic drinking are similar to theirs. If you have  hangover, you will also want to alleviate it, right? Here is how people fight hangover in different countries.      

1.The USA: A Tomato Drink

If you woke up after a drinking party in America and desperately want to get rid of the symptoms of hangover, you will be served there a tomato drink. It contains tomato juice, black pepper, a bit of Worcestershire sauce, and a raw egg yoke. Sometimes, a couple of drops of alcohol are added in it too.

2.China: Green Tea

If it happens to you to get so badly drunk in China that you wake up with a splitting headache and dryness in your mouth, nobody will serve you there alcohol for the purposes of alleviating your hangover. You will be given a cup of green tea. Or perhaps they simply give you a glass of water with a lemon. In China, these drinks are believed to help ease one's hangover in the morning.

3.Italy: Coffee

The Italians are well-known coffee connoisseurs. They rarely drink any other drinks, apart from those case when they drink alcohol, of course. But even when alcohol causes the Italians to suffer in the morning, they cure themselves with a cup of black espresso. So, should you get drunk on the Italian soil, simply go to a nearby coffee shop in the morning and ask for a cup of black coffee there.

4.Holland: Beer

In Holland, they think that the best way to get rid of the symptoms of hangover is to fight fire with fire. So, do not be surprised that if you wake up in Holland after a drinking spree with a terrible headache and the dry mouth, your friends will offer you a bottle of beer. Even if you feel nauseous at the sight of alcohol, you will have no other product to lessen your pain apart from a cold glass of beer.

5.Russia: Brine and Sauna

If you drank in Russia, in the morning, your Russian friends will treat you to a drink of brine which you, most probably, will drink from a massive bottle with gherkins. They might also make you swallow aspirin and go to the Russian sauna. Sauna is thought to lessen hangover symptoms, because steam there helps toxins evaporate from your body with sweat.

6.Germany: Herring

After you became slightly overexcited about beer in Germany and drank it more than was reasonable, you will need to help yourself in the morning and to do something to ease your headache. In Germany, they will advise you to eat a dish made of marinated herrings. This herring is usually rolled around a piece of onion and is eaten in the morning after a drinking party.

7.Poland: Sour Milk

Wake up after a drinking night in Poland and you will be given a glass of sour milk. It is prepared as follows: it is simply left in a warm room for a couple of days. It is quite possible that you will get diarrhea, if you drink it. But your stomach is beside the point, when you have hangover. Whatever side affects you might get, the sour milk will help you to overcome your hangover in no time.

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