Potatoes = Poison? Here Are 7 Everyday Foods That Might Be Killing You

We know about poisonous qualities of some food, though we will not be able to count these products on the fingers of one hand. We know that mushrooms can kill, if you eat them indiscriminately. We heard that elderberries can be harmful too. But unfortunately, here we run out of ideas about what food is dangerous for our health. Other products we know seems pretty edible to us. Below are food items we often eat but that can kill.   

1.Raw Cashew Nuts

These nuts contain urushiol poison found also in poison ivy, in poison oak, and Lacquer Tree. Even if poison in raw cashews cannot kill, it causes painful skin irritation. In our shops, raw cashew nuts are not dangerous, because they are cleaned with hot steam before displayed before customers. Hot steam neutralizes poison contained in these nuts.


Potato contains toxic solanine that can kill. Before people understood how to cook potato and before they realized that they should eat tubers rather than little tomato-like fruits on its stems, they had often been poisoned. In a white or pinkish potato, there is as little as 0.05% of solanine. But once potato gets greenish or starts growing sprouts, it becomes more poisonous. The largest concentration of poison in potato is found in its sprouts and right under its skin.


While tomatoes are not ripe and of green color, they contain a large quantity of toxic solanine. Its amount is reduced, when a tomato ripens. Once it gets pinkish or red in color, it is safe to use a tomato for eating. If people eat green tomatoes, their neural system gets affected as does their digestion. They get more seriously ill, if they eat a couple of kilos of green tomatoes or unpeeled, raw potatoes. In this case, they can even fall into a coma.

4.Farm Salmon

Farm salmon contains 13 different toxic substances, including polychlorinated biphenyls, which are classified as persistent organic pollutants. One study found that in farmed salmon, the level of toxic substances is higher than in the wild one. Poison contained in farm salmon suppresses the immune system; it also affects the skin, liver, and kidneys. It even provokes the development of cancer.

5.Leaves Of Rhubarb

The leaves of rhubarb Leaves of rhubarb contain oxalic acid. If these leaves are eaten, the poison start forming harmful elements in a person's kidneys. Once poisoned, people begin experience shortness of breath, nausea, diarrhea, pain in the eyes, and burning sensation in the mouth and throat.  Their urine becomes red too.


Absinthe is a potent green aniseed-flavored liqueur that turns milky when water is added. It contains thujone harmful to people's health. The most important component of this alcoholic beverage is essential oils of wormwood. If people drink it, they get woozy and distracted. In large doses, the beverage even causes muscle spasms and cramps. It also produces a harmful effect on the cells of the brain, kidneys, and liver.

7.Star Fruit

Carambola, or the star fruit, contains a neurotoxin that only completely healthy kidneys are able to filter. Its poison affects the brain and neural system. An unhealthy person with kidney problems might get easily poisoned with only 100 ml of juice carambola. If a person is poisoned with the star fruit, he or she will get the following symptoms: insomnia, bouts of hiccups, vomiting, numbness, muscle cramps, and weakness.

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