Fashionable Items Of This Season That Came Directly From Our Grandmothers’ Wardrobes

It is a commonplace to say that fashion develops in spiral and that designers recycle ideas and outfits from bygone days and even from previous epochs. We thus witness the return of attires fashionable in our youth at least twice during our lifetime. This season is no exception. Designers resurrected outfits from the past and brought them to runway. We see models sporting clothes in which our grandmothers posed on photos. Here is what would look familiar to our grannies.

1.A-Line Dresses

These dresses come to us this season from the sixties of the last century. As they gladdened women then, so they will please us this season, because anyone can wear them, regardless of the shape of our bodies. A-line dress will hide away all our imperfections, making any woman look slim in them. Colors of these dresses are most variable; and so are textiles from which they are sewn. You can wear A-line monochrome dress without embellishment; or you can choose for yourself its more colorful variant, made from different fabrics and having all manner of prints.

2.Maxi Coat

Designers felt nostalgia simultaneously for two historical periods of the past - twenties and seventies - and dressed their models in maxi coats fashionable in those times. The only difference between the coats donned in the second and the seventh decades of the twentieth century and today's ones is that this season, coats are more voluminous. They are lose and big-shouldered and remind of clothes worn in the 90s, too.

3.Woolen Dresses

Like long coats, woolen dresses came to us from the seventies. The main distinguishing quality of these dresses is that they are made in the style of minimalism: they are simply cut and have no embellishments. You will look even hotter in such a dress, if you wear it with the maxi coat mentioned above.


Pantsuits are back this season, bringing to us memories of Marlene Dietrich and her figure clad in male trousers and a jacket. Designers again expressed much creativity, when making pantsuits this winter season. You can wear monochrome suits or colorful ones, with large prints and patterns. In order to pull off a male pantsuit more successfully, wear it with another trendy and highly feminine item this season; that is, a blouse with ribbons and a bow.

5.A Blouse With A Bow

These blouses originated in the forties of the last century but have already made one come back in the eighties. Now they are again in vogue. They are made mostly of silk and fall down on your waist loosely in small folders. You can either tie a bow on your chest or let the ribbons flow to the beat of your steps.

6.Pleated Skirts

Like maxi coats, pleated skirts were also in fashion twice in the last century: in the twenties and in the seventies. What, however, sets their modern counterpart from them is its length. In contrast to long pleated skirts worn by our great grandmothers and mothers, we are offered to put on skirts coming just below our knees. Equally unusual are the fabrics from which pleated skirts are made now. They are sewn from leather and often have sparking and metal embellishments.

7.Military Coat

Long, oversized military coats are fashionable this season. Designers did their best to keep the original cut of a military coat intact and made women look just as their great grandmother might have looked in the times of the World War I. In order to feminize a piece of a male wardrobe, designers advise women to wear their military coats on top of silk, flowery dresses.

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