Facts That You Surely Got Wrong

We have knowledge of some facts that we never question. Certain information does not need to be proved. Doubting that a red fabric enrages bulls is like doubting that our planet Earth is round. No people are so ignorant these days that they would question these facts. And yet, bulls do not distinguish colors. It is the act of waving itself that maddens them. Below are more facts that you would swear are true. But they are not.

1.Arabs Invented Arabic Numerals

Arabic numerals were not thought up by Arabs. They were invented in India. These numbers are called Arabic rather because Arabs introduced them to Europe through north Africa and Spain.

2.Octopus Has Eight Legs

Biologists assure us that this is not true. Octopus has two legs and six hands. Legs and hands are not the same, even when we are talking about Octopus's limbs.

3.Ostrich Hides Its Head In Sand

This is wrong again. Ostriches do not hide their heads in sand. When they feel in danger, they fall down on sand and pretend to be dead.

4.Money Is Made From Paper

Try to tear a banknote and you will see that it is not easily done. This is because money is made of cotton and linen. In some countries, they make money from plastic.

5.People Lived To 30 In The Middle Ages

It is true that an average life span in the Middle Ages was around 30 years. But this number was so low because of a high death rate among babies in those times. Those people who survived past their twenties usually lived till 65 or so.

6.Clean Water Is The Best Conductor Of Electricity

Clean water is not the best conductor of electricity. In order to conduct electricity well water needs to contain necessary salt ions, minerals, mud, and other substances. These are not contained in distilled water.

7.Thomas Edison Invented A Light Bulb

This is again not true. There were many inventors of incandescent lamps before Edison. The most famous of them,  Alexander Lodygin, even patented his filament lamp.
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