7 Surprising Historical Facts That Will Make You Feel Intelligent

We once sat in history classes. We roughly know how historical events followed chronologically. We can thus say with confidence that dinosaurs and the Industrial Revolution are millions years apart. We are also sure that the great vowel shift in the English language did not overlap in time with the abolition of serfdom in Russia. But there are historical events that seem centuries apart but are simultaneous. Here are events whose historical proximity in time comes as a shocking revelation.    

1.Swiss Women's Rights To Vote And Driving On The Moon

We think of Switzerland as a democratically advanced country. Its every citizen can oppose any law in the country and add amendments to their Constitution. And yet, their women did not have voting rights and, consequently, could not be elected as members of the parliament until 1971. Accidentally, the same year astronauts landed on the Moon for the fourth time and even spent there a couple of days driving a car. The Moon exploration and the abolition of gender inequality in Switzerland seem to be events belonging to different centuries; and yet they happened the same year.

2.MS-Dos And Beheading

Equally not concurrent seem to be the invention of computers and a death penalty by beheading. And we are not talking about such countries as Saudi Arabia, where people are decapitated even these days. A far more politically and ethically developed country such as France abolished their death penalty and, consequently, guillotine only in 1981. The same year IBM company licensed the operating system MS-DOS and released it under the name PC DOS 1.0.

3.First Plane and First Atomic Bomb

The first plane flight occurred in 1903. The plane "Flyer" managed to hover in the air for around a minute. Yet only forty two years later people not only learned to fly bomber planes but also invented and threw an atomic bomb on Japan.

4.Contemporary Trees and Mammoths

There is the oldest tree on the planet growing in Sweden that is thought to be 9550 years old. It evidently existed as early as in a glacial period. We also know that in 1993 the remains of mammoths were discovered, whose age was determined to be around 3500 to 7000 years. In other words, we can now sit under the tree around which extinct mammoths once wandered. Talk about the time distance between us and the extinct animals!

5.Nintendo And Eiffel Tower

Nintendo is a company well-known for computer and video games. We, therefore, associate it with advanced, modern technology. Yet this company existed as early as in 1889 and published in those days hand-made playing cards. The same year people saw for the first time the Eiffel Tower, destined to become the symbol of Paris. Again, what seems contemporary and advanced coexisted in time with what is firmly associated in our minds with the earlier centuries, as the Eiffel Tower, for example.

6.The Bicycle And Steam Locomotive

It seems that a bicycle has been around for ever. If we were asked what vehicle was invented first, we would name a bicycle without thinking. We would also say that it was probably invented centuries ago. And yet, surprisingly enough, it came into existence later than a steam locomotive that seems much more modern invention to us. First steam vehicles were designed in 1797, while  bicycles people started driving only after 1818.

7.Coca Cola And Italy

Coca Cola appeared in America in 1886 and was advertised as medicine curing people's addiction to morphine, as well as depression, stomach and liver pain. Italy comprised in itself several separate and independent countries  just before that time and appeared as the united country we now know only in 1861. Again, what looks to us as a part of our present life actually coexisted with what appears to us as the event of bygone days.

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