Eight Reasons Why Russian St Petersburg Is Unique

Whatever your attitude to Russia and its politics, there is no denying that it is a grand country that has beautiful cities. Many of them are worth visiting not only during Winter Olympic Games or FIFA World Cup. Moscow and Saint Petersburg are two capitals of Russia, the first is official, the second is its cultural capital. St Petersburg was founded by Peter The Great on the river Neva in 1703. Bellow are reasons why St Petersburg is so special.

1.It Has The Biggest Piece Of Malachite In The World

If you go to St Petersburg Mining Museum, you will see there exhibited a huge piece of malachite. It was brought from Ural in 1787 and is the biggest chunk of the mineral in the world. It weights 1504 kg.

2.What It Had Been Before It Was Founded?

It is commonly believed that the Tsar Peter The Great founded Saint Petersburg on marshes and that no people had lived where the town is now. Yet scholars have already learned that there had been around 40 small villages on the place of St Petersburg, part of which had existed even before the Swiss Army showed up. Yet as late as in 18th century, there still roamed bears on the place of the modern Elagin Island, nearby the central part of the town.

3.Smoking Was Forbidden On the Streets

While now smoking is usually forbidden inside buildings, in the 18th century, smoking was banned from the streets of St Petersburg. The reason for forbidding people to smoke outside was not health concerns, however. The problem was that in St Petersburg most of the buildings were made from wood. Smoking on the streets often culminated in violent fires. Hence, people were firmly advised to refrain from lighting their cigarettes outside.

4.Different Temperature In Different Parts Of The Town

Nevsky Prospect in St Petersburg is its warmest part. Summer temperature here is on average 2-3 degrees higher than in other parts; in winter, it is 10-12 degrees higher. This might be one of the reasons why 2 million people a day walk on Nevsky Prospect.

5.The Admiralty Building

The gilded spire of the Admiralty building is 72 meters. A golden weather-vane in the shape of a small sail warship (Korablik) on the top of the spire weights 65 kg and is covered with 2kg of gold. The Admiralty building is one of the city's most conspicuous landmarks and the focal point of old St. Petersburg's three main streets, underscoring the importance Peter I placed on Russia's Navy.

6.The Monument to Nicolas The First

This equestrian statue of Nicolas I is located on St Isaac's Squire in front of St Isaac's Cathedral. It is the only equestrian monument in the world that has only two footholds.

7.The deppest undergraund.

The underground in St Petersburg is the deepest underground in the world. Its average death is 70-80 meters. This is the reason why the underground in st Petersburg does not have open stations.

8.The State Hermitage

This museum of art and culture contains around 3 millions of works of art located in 350 rooms of 5 buildings. In order to view all works of art in the Hermitage, lingering in front of each at least for a minute, you would need to spend 8 years and walk 20 kilometers.
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