Some Facts About Thinking That You Should Keep In Mind

It was Descartes who said that he is human, because he thinks. In other words, he considered thinking the main ability that distinguished us from animals. Whether scholars agree with Descartes’ definition or not, they study thinking processes seriously. To investigate intelligence is possible in many ways; neuroscientists explore mechanical processes in the brain; psychologists discuss how people understand themselves and how they react to the world around them. Here is information about how we do the latter.   

1.How We Remember Information Better?

When we close our eyes, we learn information better and remember it longer. We also learn more efficiently, if we study for about 30-50 minutes and then take a 10 minutes break.

2.How To Feel Happy?

When you are a child, what you need to have to feel happy is loving parents and close friends. When you grow up, it is easier to feel yourself happy, if you express gratitude to others. Just thank people around you and you will see how much better your life becomes.  

3.How We Love?

When people are in love, their behavior is similar to the behavior of people who suffer from neurotic maladies. This is why they do not always distinguish between a real person they love and an image of the person they create in their imaginations. But to love a person as he or she is and to love its made up image is not the same, unfortunately.

4.How Some Organs And Emotions Are Connected?

Our brain and stomach are closely connected. This is why many emotions affect our stomach physically. When we are sad or troubled by something, for example, our stomach often pains or gets upset. Our memory is closely tied with our sense of smell. When we recollect events, we can easier recall smells that accompanied them rather than to visualize them, for example.

5.How Dreamers Are Different From Others?

People who are dreamy and who fanaticize a lot, see dreams while sleeping at night more often than more realistic people. But all people, whether dreamers or realists, formulate their dreams more clearly, when they right them down.

6.What Difference Does It Make How We Speak?

If we speak in a low and calm voice, we dominate over our interlocutors easier than when we lose our temper and yell. And if we speak two languages for the biggest part of our life, we are less likely to get Alzheimer disease.

7.How Quickly We Form Habits And When We Make Quick Decisions?

It takes sixty six days to form any habit. So, try to force yourself to exercise every day for a bit longer than 2 months and you might be unable to live without work-outs anymore. And if you are still unsure, if you need to pay for membership in the gym and keep procrastinating unable to make a decision, try to decide what to do when you want to go to the toilet. People make decision quicker, when their urinary bladders are full.

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