Cleaning Without Breaking A Sweat – 9 Cleaning Tips For Lazy People

Guys, let’s be honest here – this one is for you.

When your girlfriend/wife asks you to clean, you don’t reach for the mop and bucket right away, do you?

Nope, you probably look for the most corners you can cut on the way to a satisfactory result.

Well, here are a few more corners you can cut, just don’t tell them we told you!

1.Roomba! A Lazy Guy's Best Friend

Sure honey! of course I'll vacuum the place while you go shopping! *Pushes Roomba button *Sits down

2.Mop Slippers!

Ok, you may need to get up for this one, but as soon as you start pacing to your favorite tunes, cleaning will be done automatically, no mop needed!

3.The Real Dust Buster!

You know those little washer/dryer lint sheets you almost never use? Well, they happen to be a great way of cleaning dust off of all your family photos and other surfaces, wiping a surface down with these bad boys will also prevent dust from settling there for quite some time.

4.No More Bad Smells

Got company coming over and you don't want them to pick up on last night's joint smell or last week's pizza in the trash? Place a car freshener next to an air conditioning vent or fan and voila - instant great smell.

5.Clean Your Cocktail Maker!

If you're having a party, or you just want the one margarita for yourself but the blender is still in the sink? Put some dish washing fluid in it with just a bit of water and turn it on for a minute, rinse out and you're good to go!

6.Instant Microwave Cleaner

Sure, it was clean the day you got it, but in the 4 years since, we're guessing there's a "bit" of dirt on it. To easily clean your main cooking appliance - mix half a bowl of water with half a bowl of vinegar and place in the microwave for 10 minutes at high heat. Remove the bowl careful and scrub out with a sponge dipped in some baking powder - yes, really.

7.Stop Picking Up After Fluffy

Wear plastic slippers around the house, they'll automatically pick up most of your dog's or cat's fur. simply rinse the slippers every couple of days to solve this nasty problem.

8.Go Japanese!

In Japan it is customary to remove one's shoes before entering a home, you'd be wise to adopt this custom if you want to avoid washing your place twice a week.

9.Get A Maid!

Is it cheating? probably. Will the house get cleaned by a professional? Absolutely! Will you have to lift a finger? just to open the door for her, and that's it.
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