Myths About Women That Are Just Myths

There are plenty of stereotypes about women, the weaker sex, as they had been called as early as since the sixteenth century.  The point of comparison was, of course, men. Alongside of them, women were considered weaker physically, weaker intellectually, less emotionally stable, less logical, more docile, more patient, more gentle, and more affectionate. Now few people take these stereotypes seriously. Yet there are still some myths about women that should be put to rest and never repeated again.

1.Women Never Were Bread-Winners

We learned in history classes that since the evolvement of homo erectus men and women divided their responsibilities. Men were out hunting and thus provided food for their families; women stayed at home taking care of children and cooking. Yet archeologists and anthropologists are now sure that women provided 80% of food needed for their families. They brought home nuts, berries, vegetables, and eggs. These were the main products on the menu.  Hunting was difficult, time-consuming, and not always successful. Meat was not a part of everyday meal. It is exactly what women brought themselves that was eaten regularly.

2.Every Mother Will Recognize The Smell Of Her Baby

In order to prove this assumption, Swedish psychologists made an experiment. They dressed babies and little children aged 2-4 years in a particular type of shirts. Afterwards, they gave these shirts to smell to the children’s parents and also to unrelated men and women. Surprisingly, only men could feel the smell of the babies. Women were unable to distinguish between the smell of the babies and older children, let alone to recognize the smell of their own off-springs.

3.Mothers Make Better Contact With Their Babies

In reality, this is not true. Men as well as women create a strong emotional connection with their new-born children.  Men often play with their babies as much as women do, talking to and kissing them. Men also can easily identify signals given by their babies, correctly understanding whether they are hungry or uncomfortable.

4.Women Have Better Intuition Than Men

This is a myth gladly perpetrated by women themselves: women are more sensitive and have a keener feeling of what is going to happen. Scientists tested intuition of women and men and discovered that both genders scored equally on this issue. There is no inborn predisposition for the sixth sense in women.

5.Women Are Less Aggressive Than Men

The stereotype that men are violent creatures, while women are much softer and peaceful is not easily proven. When sociologists tested boys and girls, they found out that, indeed, in cases of physical aggression, boys were much more prone to violence than girls. Yet in cases of verbal aggression, for example, girls resorted to this kind of manipulations more often than boys. Girls influenced others more obliquely: they gossiped and threatened to stop being friends with other children. Such behavior prompts the thought that not only men are aggressive, especially because with aging, men lose their physical superiority.

6.Women Are Paid Less Than Men

This is not so. As often documented, 35% of women are paid more than their husbands in Germany. In the USA, too, almost 30% of women earn more than their husbands. In Europe, there are even more women who are major bread-winners in their families. Around of 59% of European women bring home more money than men.

7.All Inventions And Discoveries Are Made By Men

There are some inventions - a bra, for example - that men would not make. Yet women made discoveries not only for their use but also in mathematics, physics, and a military sphere. Dorothy Hodgkin developed protein crystallography, for which she won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. She advanced a technology of X-ray crystallography, discovered the structure of penicillin and vitamin B 12. Ada Lovelace worked on a mechanical general-purpose computer. She wrote the first algorithm intended for it, thus rightly considered the first programmer.  And these women are, obviously, not the only ones on the list of female inventors.

8.Women Are Not Interested In Pornography

Sociologists have lately found out that if among men 73% watch adult movies, there are more than 50% of women who enjoy them as well. When there are erotic scenes on TV, women watch them even more eagerly than men.

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