And You Thought They Were Perfect – 10 Famous People With Deformed Body Parts

We often accept it as fact that famous people are kind of “perfect” they always look great for the camera, but that beauty sometimes hides bodies as imperfect as our own, here are just a small sampling that proves that celebs are people like us, warts and all.

1.These conjoined Toes Belong To?

"Two And A Half Men" funny man Ashton Kutcher

2.This Mess Of A Foot Can Be Found On Which Hollywood Hottie?

Former "Alias" star Jennifer Garner

3.This Hideous Pinky Can't Possibly Support His Bling

Oscar winner and all around acting great Denzel Washington

4.As A Baby He Had A Cleft Palate Which Left A Scar

Hollywood weirdo and actor Joaquin Phoenix

5.A Childhood Knife Attack Left Her Scarred For Life

30 Rock and SNL funny gal - Tina Fey

6.A Teenaged Fight Left Him With Eyes Of Varied Colors

All time musical great - David Bowie

7.An Accident Left Her With Half A Finger

80's Sex Symbol and actress - Darryl Hannah

8.We Don't even Want To Guess How A Scar Like That Came To Be

Famous Singer and former husband to Heidi Klum - Seal

9.That's One Funky Looking Thumb

Tall Guy/Funny Man Vince Vaughn

10.This Thumb Is The Result Of A Disease, Really

"Transformers" Star And Hollywood Beauty - Megan Fox
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