9 Knockouts That Can Knock You Out!

The development and rise of MMA across the globe has given way to a whole new trend in beauty, and the way we look at women.

Sure, it’s still OK to like a girl that’s classy and looks like it, but one glance at this Women and you’ll see that if a fight breaks out, they’ll be the ones coming to your rescue!

1.Gina Carano

Perhaps the first true female superstar in MMA, she has since made the move into Hollywood full time, and will next be seen in "Deadpool".

2.Miesha Tate

The woman they call "cupcake" is not stranger to dogfights in the ring, she holds the honor of being the only woman to ever make it out of the 1st round with Ronda Rousey.

3.Kerry Vera

The Wife of former UFC fighter Brandon Vera is no stranger to the ring, having fought professionally a few times herself, leaving us to wonder who wears the pants in that house?

4.Paige VanZant

A relative newcomer to the scene has caused quite a fuss with her looks, attitude and fighting style. So great was her impact that she scored an exclusive sponsorship deal with Reebok. And all of that before even turning 22.

5.Rachel Wray

If Rachel Wray looks good enough to be a cheerleader that's because she was! A former cheerleader for the Kansas City Chiefs, Wray decided that cheering wasn't cutting it for her anymore, so she stepped inside a ring and started punching people around.

6.Anastasia Yankova

Not exactly a household name in the U.S just yet, but give it time, it'll happen. With looks like that and undeniable skills in kickboxing, it can't possibly take long for her to graduate into MMA big time.

7.Rose Namajunas

Probably the toughest name to write or pronounce on this list, but we'll forgive her, probably because she could beat forgiveness out of us any way if she wanted to. Rose looks like a yoga instructor but is fully capable of turning your body into a live display of "downward facing nose" if you piss her off.

8.Michelle Waterson

The one they call "the karate hottie" is certainly living up to both parts of her nickname, making men drool outside the ring, and kicking some serious ass inside of it.

9.Ronda Rousey

The undisputed queen of Women's MMA is fast becoming one of the largest female stars on the planet regardless of occupation. She's perfect in the ring, looks stunning outside it and is a most wanted name in Hollywood to top it all off.
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